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When you know you have a great story to tell...

The craftsmanship and care this company infuses into every single product deserved great storytelling.  Wonderful imagery, classic styling, powerful words. 


The magic of transferring your unique offering to a customer comes not from bullet points... it comes from your heart, soul, and compelling story.

Are your sales presentations inspiring people to do business with you?

Here at blue i we get the opportunity to be solicited weekly by different sales organizations.  So I get to see first hand the caliber of sales presentations that help salespeople fall flat and ultimately lose the sale. 


The presentation isn't just one thing in the sales equation... it's everything.

Do your presentations inspire investors and donors?

Is your story clear? Is your request and call to action clear? Do you connect your story with the receiver in an emotional and memorable way?


How you get 'from here to there' in your financial objectives rests heavily on how well you tell your Story.

Enjoy this great visual story from the Rainbow Shores Restaurant and Resort on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario

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"Do you have a good story to tell?"