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"Who we are... all of us are better than any one of us"

Angla Moonan
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My Story


From an early age I had a constant hunger to tell the great and true story.  For many years I imagined myself in a courtroom fighting for justice and giving a powerful voice to those who couldn't defend themselves.



















Then, thanks to my Grandmother, Elizabeth 'Pearl' Flagg, I found my song.  And once that happened it was clear to me and all those around me, I could share great stories through melody.  The power of finding your own voice is undeniable.

People fall in love with stories.  So I told as many stories as I could; giving up traditional summer vacation trips and college spring breaks in order to share my 'Song' Stories with whomever would listen.  Most of the time I didn't earn a nickel and didn't care.  Then my Grandfather suggested I put my storytelling talents to use earning a real living.  Of course! That's when I embarked on my twenty plus year career in Corporate Storytelling.  Wow, I've really been lucky to connect and collaborate with some fabulous people who own remarkable companies.

Today, nearly 5,000 presentations and corporate stories later, I remain ever-curious and hungry to learn and write the next great Story.  The bulk of my time is spent writing Corporate Stories.  


The world's all a stage.  I'm blessed to have a big life full of colorful characters.  My mentor of many years, who's the ultimate Irish Storyteller, continues to inspire and challenge me to be better.  Client partners always present me with new challenges that are exciting collaborations. 


Most importantly, I am the mother to one lovely daughter McKenna, who I'm proud to say is crafting a magnificent life story for herself.  


Finding your voice whether it's for you or your company, takes you to places you've dreamed about. 


My promise to you? ENTERPRISE.


I'll do everything within my power, leveraging every asset and connection and ounce of my enterprise, to help you get to where you must go. 


It'll be a wonderful, profitable, empowering journey from

'here to there.'


So, what's your Story?

How important is your word of mouth?


It's everything.  Your word of mouth is all-important to the future prosperity of your business.  Most believe word of mouth is happenstance like the weather. It's anything but. 


Once you begin telling your Story from a 'word of mouth' perspective, just watch how the wildfire catches. 


Good news and bad... because if you deliver a great experience, guess what? Your word of mouth works FOR you as it should.  Conversely, a bad experience can work against you if you don't know how to turn a critic into a forever-fan. 


Start with a sincere Promise. 


Consistently tell your Story so it can be remembered and repeated.  Then strive everyday to prove your promise, and your Story, are TRUE.


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