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"Do you have a good story to tell?"

“Do you have a good story to tell?”

“Do you have a good story to tell?”

“What is it?”

“Do your employees know it?”

“Can they articulate it?”

It’s tough to read the label when you’re inside the bottle.

So often companies find it difficult to take a bow for what makes them special and different in a marketplace. As a result, their story is unclear to the market, and often even to their staff.

The unique talents and capabilities that make up the Corporation, that would otherwise make them stand out and make a dramatic mark, get lost. Angela helps them find their way, and designs their Corporate Story.

Angela specializes in Corporate Storytelling.

Through her trademark Corporate Creative Workshop and

Storytelling System, Angela works intensely with your key team; asking provocative questions and spurring what ultimately becomes

YOUR STORY to share with the world.

Hi, I’m Angela M, The Corporate Storyteller.

“Let me write your Corporate Story”

Your Corporate Story must have heart.

It must have soul.

It must transcend the ordinary.

It must stand out on the competitive landscape

in a dramatic and relevant way.

You’ll look to me for inspiration.

I will inspire.

You’ll look to me for hope.

I will reassure.

You’ll look to me for courage.

I’ll provide all the capabilities you need.

Work with me…

and one year, two years, and

three years from today…

You’ll be thrilled with your progress and profits.

You’ll be prouder still of your Corporation’s position and purpose.

You will know your own story.

So too, will the world.

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