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i On 2020: Let's Get Digital

digital marketing in 2020 with Angela Moonan

From small town diners to big city corporations, the past few years have seen many businesses dive into the digital world as a form of marketing/advertising. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., the possibilities of digital exposure seem to be endless these days. Shockingly, there are a lot of businesses who have yet to explore these options. Check out these 5 reasons why companies that have yet to make a BIG digital jump should be sure to do so in 2020:

#1: The Best Things in Life Are Free

Believe it or not, some of the best online promotion a business can get, can cost them no money at all. Several different social media platforms allow businesses to promote for free through posting on their own pages. A post by a business on its own Facebook page for example will tend to reach a good majority of the people that like/follow that specific page. If that's enough, the "share" button can be a business' best friend. Employees, friends, fans, and more have the ability to share posts they like with their followers. If one of their followers happens to enjoy the post as well, the option to share again and again exists.

#2: Reach

Wherever you are now while reading this post, take a second to look at the people around you. Odds are a handful of these people are currently engaging with the digital world on their phones/tablets/computers. If you don't have social media of your own, you more likely than not know someone close to you who is an avid user. Millions and millions of people worldwide utilize things like this on a daily basis. That means there are millions and millions of people that can potentially be reached by your marketing/advertising on digital platforms. As mentioned in #1, the option to promote for free does exist. Want to reach even more people? A few platforms have created an option that allows people to pay to promote their posts!

#3: Location, Location, Location

The importance of location applies to business decisions in more ways than one. In a digital context, taking advantage of your location can be extremely beneficial to your business. Although this often comes with the paid promotion part of social media, users are now able to choose which specific areas they want to market their products/services to. Take snowy upstate NY for example. A snow plowing company located in Syracuse would see no benefit from promoting itself to those that live in warmer states like Florida. Social media promotion allows geo-targeting, so these businesses can be sure they are selling to the right person at the right time.

#4: Understand Your Customers More

Facebook Insights. Twitter Analytics. These are just a few of the ways in which businesses can get to know their customers better in a digital space. Although sometimes they can be a little difficult to understand, the main point of what they offer is extremely important. Businesses can see at what time their posts are getting the most views, what genders and ages are engaging with them, where these people are located, and more.

Again we can think of the snowplowing business in Syracuse. This business will most likely want to be engaging with homeowners that can potentially provide them with work. An age of the average homeowner can be estimated. Let's say 30 years old for example. With these market research opportunities, we can determine at what time 30 year olds are looking at these posts the most and tailor posting around their needs and lifestyles.

#5: Always in the Know

Last, but not least, having a present in the digital space allows people to always be in the know. Social media accounts are updated all the time with news, opinions, events, etc. Just being on these platforms allows business owners to be more in the know of what's going on around them. Ultimately providing them with an opportunity to capitalize using stories, in real time, where and when it matters most.

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