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In a world that's been digitized,

Direct mail is becoming more effective than ever, and important to TODAY’s overall success of your campaign.

A recent study by Epsilon Targeting states:

  • Customers surveyed in the U.S. and Canada Selected ‘Mail’ as their preferred method of receiving information for almost every category listed, from health care information to household products, insurance and financial services (the only category where direct mail didn’t rank #1? Travel).

  • Customers trust direct mail messages more than information received via e-mail or online.

  • Customers feel valued when they receive a piece of mail.

Now, sending a postcard to a database of 100,000 names can be costly, so segment strategically.

Remember, customers want to feel valued with that piece of mail, and receiving a plain white envelope to “Valued Customer” because that’s all you could afford won’t cut it. Personalize pieces wherever and whenever you can.

Engage the senses

“Five-sense” your pieces – incorporating taste, smell or sound.

The more effective your direct mail pieces are at engaging the senses, the increased likelihood that you’ll convert that customer.

Other things to consider:

  • layout design principles (headline, subheads, white space, storytelling, photography – preferably PEOPLE as that ‘ups’ your readership as well), greased chute principle, corporate corner)

  • target markets (women prefer direct mail over men),

  • call-to-action and

  • urgency of the message

As with everything you do to tell your Story,

you’ll need a strategic, on purpose approach to your direct mail communications.

With all of the digital communication we’re inundated with on a daily basis, people are reverting and relying on the more likeable, up-close-and-personal approach Direct Mail (done well) offers.

Tried and true blue principles for effective Direct Mail can still be traced back to the wisdom of one of the most successful Direct Mail Mavens in the history of the medium, Joe Sugarman:

Vol. 1: ”Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” Vol. 2: ”Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick” Vol. 3: “Television Secrets for Marketing Success”

If you’re thinking about dropping Direct Mail… Think Again!

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